This photo was taken April 24, 2013. I started chemo in April 2012 and completed it in August 2012. I found losing my hair to be one of the most difficult part of treatments.

Why Love of Lisa Cancer & Lymphedema Fund?

In 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and then, after a bilateral mastectomy, with secondary lymphedema. As a single parent of three daughters, at age 42 the diagnosis was scary enough, but the cost of treatment added to the stress associated with that diagnosis. I found a local fund – Love of Linda – that provided a quarterly payment to cancer patients to help defray the costs, pay rent, pay utilities, what ever they needed to use the money for. The ONLY requirements were that the patient resided in Cape May County New Jersey and the patient’s physician confirmed that they were under treatment for cancer.

I had been told by one entity (a nationally associated entity) that as a single parent with one daughter in college, one starting college that fall, and one in high school that I made more money than the people they usually help. Wow.

In the last few years, I have felt more and more compelled to provide assistance in the same manner in which I was helped. No guilt, no income limitations, the patient should be a resident of Northern Virginia and currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

Compression garments, physical therapy and other methods of managing lymphedema is not always covered by insurance and can add additional financial stress to an individual and their family that has already had the high cost of cancer treatments. I don’t think it matters how much money you make, cancer is never planned and is not in any one’s budget. Thus, Love of Lisa Cancer & Lymphedema Fund was born.

Lisa Stillman

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